Welcome to our  BLOG page where we are organically growing it OUR own way.  We are (courageously) taking a page from the Millenial generation, inspiring and speaking directly to OUR generation to launch out of the old and into the new.    

What is an EmptyNester?   A parent whose children have grown up and left the  home.  Those adults can range in age from 40 - 60 who are in a transitional stage.  An Empty Nester can either be  a couple, divorcee, widower, or single parent.  It is that new stage of recreating one self for that next chapter in life after the children have left the home.  

This will be OUR blog, Tarus & Yolanda so we can share insight as we have learned and will share with the world on this transitional stage of life from the Generation X perspective.   Here we will also share our perspectives on Marriage, Long-Term Relationships, Co-parenting, Parenting, Divorce, Money, Sex,Travel, Aging Parents, Family Matters, Friends and  Raising Grandchildren.  We will talk about it all here.     We hope you will enjoy our perspective and learn a few things too as you follow our journey.   Cheers.  

Speaking for Generation X  by Yolanda Johnson Nelson 

Generation X...We come from our parents who were "Baby Boomers" that strongly believed in a more "traditional" train of thought.  Keep your "business" and family matters to yourself.  Grow up to acquire a skill/trade OR  go to college,  you work hard until retirement age (65) and THEN enjoy the spoils of life. 

TIMES HAVE TRULY CHANGED..we are the “middle child” generation.   I call it this because  " GenX" struggles with keeping our business to ourselves in an era where SHARING is EVERTHING about your life is what's HOT!  We are tempted by this reality TV generation of  "watchers that want to know the real deal about everything."  Commenting on everything, giving advice and opinions.   There are many of us who STRUGGLE with this fine line.  

Real talk... GEN-X can take a page from this new generation and its thinking as it relates to generating revenue. 

THEY ARE ON TO SOMETHING WE ARE RECALCITRANT TO and its stunting growth if we don't remain WOKE and flexible about it.  

GEN-X was comfortable with paper and pencil tasks,  long telephone conversations, notes,  paper calendars, letters, sending cards in the mail and writing checks are a comfortable way of living. It has become an antiquated thing of the past.  This Millenial Generation and Post Millenials  have been engaged with technology and social media from birth.  They know how to corner and monetize on social media through "hashtagging" and "@ everyone" making many "young millionaires".   

This new way of thinking and engaging others is making communication & college education a thing of the past.  It is this new way of thinking that must be adopted in order to join this ongoing growing group of "New Entrepreneurs" who capitalize on their niche.  They (keenly) know how to manuever technology to their advantage.  They speak to their market, sell what they know to others.  This, in turn,  allows them to live their best life now. The millennial generation are experts at capitalizing on their gifts and graces.


Gen X. We are caught between fear of failure in launching and letting go. We can take a page from the younger generation. Just change your perspective, look into your gifts and graces,  find your niche, let go and launch out!
With a plan in place, there are the steps ( we took)  that helped me to begin as our children were growing into adulthood and leaving the house.  ( I will share in a future blog).  

We knew we had to prepare for “what next?” Or “the next chapter” that would allow us to work from home, be there for our family, close friends and of course...travel.

I’m here to encourage my generation to “rethink retirement as we know it” so all can live our best life now.  So I invite you to come along with me on this journey.  


By Yolanda Johnson Nelson 

Whether you are looking to recreate your backyard for vacation rental property or just to create a peaceful area for the family to gather.  Here are some TIPS to think about as you prepare your outdoor space.  

#1  Store your outdoor furniture during winter and rainy season  (November - March/April) depending upon where you live, you are aware of those months where the weather is no conducive to outdoor leisure.  Remember to wash or treat and dry your cushions so they will be ready for the following year.  

#2  Noise pollution:  Are you located near an airport or busy highway?  Evaluate if your space is a great place to relax.  Consider your space that you create for guests, family and friends when they visit.  Pay attention to the flow of traffic in your yard and sounds that may "annoy" or "distract" others. .  If your area is a noisy one, Small shelters, walls,  covers, dense shrubbery.  Water fountains and outdoor music system that plays soothing music may be an excellent answer. 

Those who live in more scenic areas with wild life, it may be an option to provide a picture book of animals guests may view in the area.   If your home has many local birds then bird watching with binoculars.  If there is a local park or a local nature trail near your home, guests can be referred there to enjoy some time outdoors. 

#3  Lawn care & Nature: 

Depending upon where you live and your "GREEN THUMB",  choose your shrubbery wisely.  You must know a little something about HOW much sunlight your yard gets through out the day BEFORE you go and buy plants.   For me,  Yolanda, I need landscaping that is low maintenance as I do not have much of a green thumb.   So annuals that come back every year, evergreens may be a good choice for me.  If I am entertaining, even those wonderful " already made" potted plant clusters may be good to add flare and interest to parts of your patio or garden.    Investing in a company to take care of your lawn year round is also an option as  this is often dictated by your personal budget and interest.  I particularly love to go to HOME DEPOT and LOWES many of the employees are very knowledgeable in my area.  When in doubt, you can also visit and schedule time with a landscaping company to come and give estimates on plants and design of your yard to create a cozy inviting space.   Its extremely important to know what to plant and at what times of the year one should plant certain bushes, flowers or trees, let the professional help you with this.     For Tarus, he enjoys "getting dirty" and watching the yard grow.  He enjoys taking the time every morning to water the lawn, bushes and flowers.  He enjoys taking a look at the type of plants and flowers survive in low light, moderate sun and sun all day.   The backyard at The Nelson Manor is his showroom.

#4  Create a fun space:  Especially if you love to entertain friends and family like we do.    

May we suggest  taking  a look at the "layout" of your backyard then think about what would be needed in this backyard to sustain myself for leisure, entertainment and networking?   What brings me peace of mind?  How can my home be a place where the family can gather?  What would make this place a cozy extension of my home indoors.    Think of some games that can help socialize with others, pass the time.  Create a social media moment in your space where friends & family can take pictures and share on social media.  


SIX STEPS TO RETHINK YOUR RETIREMENT by 50: by Yolanda Johnson Nelson

Are you an Empty Nester or preparing to become one in another year or two? Here are some things you may want to consider as your embark on the next chapter of your life.

1. Be Ready to Reinvent Yourself

After the kids have moved out you have an opportunity to reinvent your personal narrative. Make a list of all the realistic things you still want to achieve in life. Take a look at all of the things you wanted to do but couldn't because you had children or parents in your home. Take a look at your insurance and benefits, if you haven't already begun estate planning, now is a good time review these things for your legacy.

Examples: Planting a garden in your backyard, Writing a Book, Creating a Course Online teaching How to do something. Volunteering at a school. Whether you are looking to support others for free or monetize on a talent or skill, now is the time to consider your options in this next chapter of your life.

2. Financials are KEY

During any transition in life its a great time to get a full review of your financial status. Take a look at how you are paying your bills, what is paid off. Maybe consolidation or a refinance is needed to assist in starting that new hobby. Speaking to a financial planner is the best way to begin this journey.

3. Focus on health. ENJOY the FAMILY

As parents we are so busy focusing on our children and other family members that we forget about ourselves. This is also a great time to check in with the dentist and doctors to begin focusing more on our own personal needs.

4. LESS is more

If you lived in a large home that raised 4, 6 children. Take pictures of those memories, consider selling items that you are no longer using and use that money for your future aspirations. Downsizing can be a "freeing" notion, consolidating bills and "things" can release you to do other things you may have been dreaming to do.

5. Keep up with Technology TrendsDitch the FLIP PHONE! Technology and social media are the wave we need to educate ourselves on more. Take a class, get a new Iphone or a Tablet keep them charged as there are many ways to stay connected with friends and family.

6. Key into your gifts and graces: Share your Knowledge & Monetize

This should of been number one because its is acknowledgement of this that will help you decide what and how you would like to monetize while helping someone else with a problem they may be having. Using your experience and "know how" is one way of passing on some GEMS to this new generation and helping others in our generation who may be struggling. Sharing your talents can become a very rewarding, lucrative stay at home job in your retirement years. 

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